There are so many different ways to treat OCD. It all depends on what type of symptoms you have and how severe. I have been in therapy for over 9 yeaars now and found that the best line of defense for my symptoms is exposure therapy. Exposure therapy is one of  the best ways to attack your fears, get your anxiety up. The main goal in this is to stay in the situation as long as you can. Rate your anxiety level out of 10, 10 being the worst. The main goal is to be put in the situation that makes you feel anxious, and to stay exposed to it until your anxiety level drops to a 3.

Take baby steps when your trying this approach. At first, maybe leave the situation at a level 7, take some time to relax and then try exposure again. This will not all happen in one day, but eventually you will be exposed so much that you will not feel as anxious when you first started. The main goal is to get your anxiety level down to a 1.

This therapy is so difficult, trust me, but it works. I will always apply this method to my everyday life when tackling something that I am not sure of. It has made me a better person, friend, work and family man.