Hire me out to your event and I will make you laugh, cry and laugh again. I have been talking to Med.  students across Canada. There is no textbook in this world that will tell you why and how things run through our minds. I will show you why AIDS/HIV, Hep C can be transfered from a dog to human. The easiest way to open doors is with your feet. Why washing all your chicken bones after you eat will prevent you from getting rabies. I will explain all of this.
If you would like more information on booking Chris, you can talk to his agent (Spencer) or Contact him at : branding887@live.com.
Booking Rates : $900US for 8 hours plus expenses (accommodations and airfare) from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.
Please contact Chris, you can try to talk to Spencer but he still can’t get my coffee right. It is also difficult to purchase airline tickets with Milk bones.
Chris’s agent Spencer