Welcome to my OCD Store. I have been living with OCD for over 25 years now(read up about me on the “about me” page). If you suffer from this disorder you will know how everyday simple tasks can be tough. This can drain you, your friends and family around you. I started this site after being “OCD free” for people to understand that there not alone. The sales from all my items are put back into running my website. This is my full time job, as I found it hard to work in the regular workforce. I design all my own tshirts designs and stickers. I can poke fun at myself so I express that in my shirts. Take a look around the site and enjoy. I update my site daily.


Chris’s  OCD books picks:

OCD Tshirts


All Tshirts are 50/50 cotton/polyester. On the left sleeve it has our web address “ocddisorder.info” in white. All shirts are pre-shrunk. Shipping will take apprx. 2 weeks for delivery. Overseas order will take 3 weeks. We send our shippments through Canada Post.


If you like the site and would like to Donate to help me keep this site running, that would be GREAT! Donate any amount you want from $1.00 and up. This goes back into the site to keep the content updated and the server charge. Remember, you can beat this disorder. it takes a lot of work but can be accomplished. Click here for Donation page at “about me”.


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For a great OCD Handbook. This book was recommended to me by one of US top OCD doctors.

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