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For the next two weeks you will follow these exact instructions and you will notice a change. This program has been sent to the University of Manitoba for further studies.

STOP drinking all pop drinks. It is OK to have 1 cup of coffee during the day.

Day1 – Day 6 Breakfast: 1 egg, orange juice and toast.

Lunch:  Crackers, Tuna or Salmon sandwich with green onions and lettuce. Salad with flakes of tuna and soup.

Dinner:  Anything with veggies, Turkey, Tuna or Salmon steak marinated in soya sauce, garlic, chlorophyll and lime.

Night time Snack :  Bowl of Rice Crispys with any fruit

Day 7 – Day 14

Breakfast: The same as Day1-day6, now you can ad oats, cereal and fruit.

Lunch:  The same as 1-6 and now you can ad non process lunch meat, yogurt and almonds.

Dinner: The same but now ad Blueberries, chives and cloves.

Night time: 2 small bowls of rice crispy’s 20 mins apart.

I know this sounds crazy, but it WORKS! I found some great ways to get creative with Chlorophyll. This is the main ingredients combines with the oils from tuna that makes it work. This works the best by this order. It also includes timing. If you are just going to drink a bottle of Chlorophyll, it won’t work. Trust me, I tried it. I lost in total 23lbs and my mind has stopped racing and worrying. Share this, PRINT this and start NOW!

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