They say diet is always the first thing you should look at when wanting to change the way you feel. Those who suffer from OCD know that is can be caused by your brain not having enough Serotonin. Serotonin changes can change your mood and I want to post some foods that are great to fight your OCD with. This is just one of the many tools you will need to beat this disorder.

Foods with high vitamin B will help in the production of Serotonin are: brown rice, chicken, corn, eggs, green leafs, meat, nuts, legumes, sunflower seeds and peas.

Foods with Calcium are: almonds, fish with bones, sesame seeds, tofu, vegetables and green leafs.

Foods with Magnesium are: Salmon, shrimp, brown rice and green leafs.

Foods with Tryptophan are:  almonds, peanuts, soy foods and turkey.

Try to include these foods into your everyday life. This will increase your Serotonin levels and make you feel more energized and not depressed.

Avoid Stimulants like: Caffeine, chocolate, sugar, alcohol, diet pills and tobacco.

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