OCD therapy

There are days where you just feel like giving up. Controlling your ocd seems to take a lot of energy and time and at the end of the day you are so tired, you want to crash. When my OCD flares up, I find myself trying to fight this battle and it seems like I will never win. There have been days where I just want to sit and watch TV and not have to face the world. This might be the depression part of the disorder.

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There are many different OCD symptoms that can show up in one person. Studies show that it is common to show at least 3 or more symptoms of ocd that might be worth talking to your doctor about. My major symptom is washing and cleaning everything around me. This takes up so much of my time during the day, that, I was always late for everything. Some of the more common ocd symptoms are: Checking, praying, washing hands, counting, have to step on things a certain amount of times, not making right hand turns when driving, checking your locks. If you spend time worry about these or think you must complete these rituals to make everything “feel better”, This is the time you might want to see a doctor. These are all signs of OCD symptoms. I have been in therapy for years and can say I learned how to control it. Now I can feel FREE!

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The one thing most people dislike about OCD is the “OCD thoughts”. These can be any images or ideas that just appear in your mind for no reason, which sets off unwanted anxiety. Thoughts like hurting someone, acting or going crazy. When these thoughts appear, the best way to not to avoid them. Face the fear, write it all down so you can go back to it at a later time. Exposure is the best way to tackle this problem.

I had a thought that every time I was driving and hit a speed bump, I would panic and think that I might of ran over somebody. If I didn’t go back to check, I would be charged with hit and run, thrown into jail. Never to see the sunset, and I would go on from here. To avoid that terrible situation, I would u-turn and go back to check and make sure nobody was hit. In the mind of the OCDer this is normal.

The right way to deal with this is to keep on driving. Never go back and check,(compulsion). I know it’s not that simple, but you have to try. This has taken me years before I could not go back. I would not be able to sleep and worry about this for days. I would even watch the news to see if there was a story about a hit and run.

How did I beat this?

I will explain in my next posting

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